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The Molecular Life of diatoms


The Molecular Life of diatoms

MLD6 - online - July 12-14, 2021



Diatoms are the most species rich group of algae, and they contribute about 20% of annual global carbon fixation. They play major roles in ocean food webs and global biogeochemical cycles. They are also a target of the biotechnology industry because of their nano-patterned silica cell wall and high lipid content. Diatoms have received increasing attention as more genomes became available and because of the development and optimization of reverse genetics and genome editing tools, includingCRISPR/Cas9 technology.. At this online conference, we will bring together the international molecular diatom community for the 6th time to present and to discuss the latest data and developments in the field of molecular diatom research from genes to ecosystems. As our community currently is experiencing a step change in understanding diatoms, it is critical to promote synergistic discussions and networking between scientists working on diverse aspects of diatom biology and evolution. The aim will be to develop new scientific concepts and experimental approaches based on the application of the latest molecular tools and genomic information to explore the fascinating lifestyle of diatoms. Although we can not hold our meeting in person this year, we are optimistic that MLD6 will provide a valuable opportunity to maintain and establish new contacts within the community and serve as a bridge until we can meet again.

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